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YNW Melly could have just ruined what could have been a perfect music career. October 26th Melly's best friends YNW Juvy & YNW Sakchaser passed away and YNW Melly is being blammed for it. In his song YNW Melly Mind on my Murda lyrics he describes their passing in a way that should have never been said. because now its going to effect how is trial goes. in a YNW Melly interview with Genius he said that the song was never about YNW Sakchaser & YNW Juvy but the court is starting to think otherwise. Although in the YNW Melly documentary you could clearly watch how close they all were with eachother and it almost seems like Melly never could have been the one to do this. YNW Melly mixed personality has came up in debate if he actually has mixed personalities but sadly we wont know for a little while. Subscribe To District Trending!- This video is 100% family friendly PG Clean #YNWMelly


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