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#InDaNewsTV #LilBaby #21Savage For in the News TV, Lil Baby Arrested and snatched out the car while driving his Corvette in Atlanta Traffic, Plus more Details on 21 Savage’s Arrest. Today the Dominique Jones also known as Lil Baby was arrested today while in Traffic. A viral clip has been floating around on Social Media shows the 24-year-old laid down in the Georgia streets while Atlanta’s finest put cuffs on him. According to reports, he was arrested for Failure to Signal, Eluding police and reckless driving. He is expected to be released on Bond in a few hours. The way the police officer was grabbing and putting the cuffs on, you would have thought the rapper did more than that… Let's talk about this in the comments, was the Cop doing too much or just doing his job? We have more information on 21 Savage, according to reports, the Rapper is currently held in one of the worse locations for ICE inmates and almost was shut down last year. According to TMZ, they found the police report, and they say they found a fully loaded handgun in his car. So allegedly, 21 was driving recklessly and almost hit a fully marked police car. He was pulled over in his Red Dodge Challenger, then officers ordered 21 to throw his keys out of the car, and was immediately handcuffed and taken away. Since they found a fully loaded Glock in the Glovebox, this can change everything, but according to 21’s lawyer he calms the gun is not his… Let's talk about this in the comments, with 21 receiving help from Jay-z’s Lawyers will this get him off clean? Comment Below, make sure to share this video and vote at the top right of the video, I’m in the news with it. SUBSCRIBE to our Channel by Clicking here: (Turn on Bell Notifications) Follow Me on Instagram: For Business or Copyright Notices: [email protected] (2 Hour Response Guarantee) In Da News on YouTube features up to the dates urban news coverage & commentary for Hip-Hop, Sports, and Social Media. “Welcome to my channel I'm, C.Wright where I Provide commentary and the latest news on social media, and the urban music industry. No opinions, just what happened. Make sure to Vote on the Cards at the top right of the video. We are here to stay and take over as a Network.”


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