Download 6ix9ine's Babymomma SWITCHED OVERNIGHT and has a NEW MAN that REPS CACTUS GANG mp3 song free.

Black Celebrity Gossip - 6ix9ine's Babymomma is in retaliation mode, last night she scooped up a man that came to see her at an apparent meet and greet. These two have been dating for approximately six hours and already 6ix9ine's Babymomma is kissing this new guy and repping his crew, Cactus Gang. 6IX9INE will probably hear about this shocking news sometime this morning so stay tuned to the black celebrity gossip page for 6IX9INE's response. Do you think 6ix9ine's Babymomma (Sarah) is doing this just to make 6IX9INE mad or does she really like this new guy representing Cactus Gang. Link me on Social Media Here: Facebook Twitter Instagram Tumblr Blogger Pinterest #6ix9inesBabymomma #6ix9ine #SHADYBabymomma


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