Download (ENG SUB)방탄소년단(BTS) 리더 RM 전격 해부 / 연합뉴스 (Yonhapnews) mp3 song free.

#방탄소년단 #RM #리더 #BTS (서울=연합뉴스) 방탄소년단(BTS)의 인기에 전 세계가 들썩이고 있습니다. 그들 중 항상 멋진 수상소감을 말하는 멤버가 있는데요. 바로 BTS 리더 RM입니다. 올해 26세 나이는 멤버 중 중간이지만 방탄소년단의 리더 역할을 맡은 RM. BTS 창단에 결정적 멤버인데다 가장 어른스러운 면모를 보여 리더로 지목됐다는데요. BTS의 리더 RM에 더 자세히 알고 싶다면 영상으로 보시죠. [편집 : 김종안, 번역 : 최서이, 내레이션 : 최서영] [영상 : 유튜브 BANGTANTV·seotaiji·ibighit·bpaperwings·연합뉴스TV] Let'Everything about BTS Leader RM BTS' new song sets 3 Guinness World Records TOP3 of 'Billboard 200" for 2 consecutive weeks 2 awards at Billboard Music Awards The whole world is hyped about BTS. A member gives an impressive acceptance speech. The leader of BTS RM. Real name: Namjoon Kim Hanja interpreted as 'a decent exceptional person from the South' Born on September 12th, 1994 in Dongjak-gu Seoul. Moved to Ilsan, Goyang-city, Gyeonggido, Baeksin Elementary School → Oma Elementary School →Shinil Middle School → Ilsan Daejin High School → Apgujeong High School. IQ 148, Top 1.6% of College Scholastic Ability Mock Exam Score Ranking (Sophomore) Fluent Japanese and English. Height 181cm. Tallest member of BTS. (avg. height of BTS members is around 177.5cm) His nickname? Leadermon, BeefySexy, LeaderRapper, KimTwerk, RapJoon, RapMonster, Joonie, God of Destruction, Duck, Pin(k)Mon, Ryan, BrainMon, VocalMonster, etc. EpicHigh's "Fly" made him fall in love with hip-hop(6th Grade) His love for EpicHigh continues. Upon debut as BTS. Active in amateur scenes as "Runch Randa" Sleepy notices RM at an underground scene→Pdogg(Producer at Big Hit Entertainment) receives RM's number→ First member to join BTS. Wow~ Tight work sleepy! Stage name RapMonster. Changed to RM on Nov. 13th 2017 26 years old (24 in full age system) this year. However, He's the leader of BTS! Always comes up with touc-hing speeches for interviews and award ceremonies. ◆ 연합뉴스 홈페이지→ ◆ 이 시각 많이 본 기사 → ◆ 오늘의 핫뉴스 → ◆ 현장영상 → ◆ 카드뉴스 → ◆연합뉴스 공식 SNS◆ ◇페이스북→ ▣ 연합뉴스 유튜브 채널 구독 : ▣ 연합뉴스 인스타 :


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